We offer two different kinds of bass drum decals. This page is dedicated to our removable product. To find out about our die-cut decals, click here.

Our removable/reusable decal is a full color, print style decal similar to the image directly above or samples below. This product can be removed and swapped between multiple drum heads and typically covers the entire drum head surface. We can however contour cut around your logo or image if you would like.

This product is perfect for any drummer that plays in multiple bands, or looking for a vibrant, photo quality image for their drum head. Our full color removable/reusable decals are high quality, 6mil material that will adhere to ALL drum heads, coated or not. These decals are extremely durable and will NOT shake loose no matter how hard you rock. Additionally, there is no change in sound with this product.


Complete the 'Contact Us' form on this page, or email us at
We'll need the following:

1. Picture of your bands' name/logo
2. Size of your drum head
3. Whether your drum head has a mic port
4. Highest quality image of your logo (jpg, png, psd, ai, pdf, gif, etc)
5. Any special instructions (which color(s) you would like the decal to be, how much of the drum head you would like to cover, etc)

After receiving your information, we will quickly return an email with a sample of what your bass drum would look like with your new decal. Once the sample looks correct and is approved, we will send an invoice for payment. Once payment is received, we will produce the decal(s) and ship out asap.

(By drum head size)

≤ 24" DECAL

> 24" DECAL





Domestic - $15 (1-3 business days)
International - $28 (5-10 business days)
Overnight - $44 (1 business day)

*All products are shipped within 1-2 days of purchase and shipped USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business day delivery)




(for development purpose only)


Your removable decal can consist of any logo style you'd like (photo(s), shapes, lettering, etc.). Our removable decals typically cover the entire drum head surface unless a contour cut around the logo is requested. If you are looking for a transparent decal where your drum head will serve as the background color, please click Die-Cut option on the left.



Solid background color:

Background Image

Utilize additional uploads if adding a
transparent .png image on top of initial
background color or graphic.


Select your font color:


Est. Price



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